Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CrossFit Cape Cod Wednesday 6/18/14

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

Bench Press
Max Reps @ 80% Of Your 1 Rep Max

AMRAP 10 Minutes
10 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
10 Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1


Andy Mathieson said...

Loving these WODs lately. Keep up the great programming Mark. See you tomorrow!

Cindy CGC said...

I have been destroyed... I can't wait to go back!

Joshua Rice said...

205# x 7; 6 rds + 23 Rx

Joshua Rice said...

Oh yeah... Plus the Advanced training. I'm enjoying the extra movements.

Erin Gretzinger said...

A. 75×3
B. 4 rds + 5 pullups (mix of blue, b/p, and rx pullups)

Erin Meagher said...

#90 (10 reps)
4 rounds plus 10 pullups, plus 2 pushups - rx

Andy Mathieson said...

A. 155# x9
B. 5 rounds plus 17

Kevin Medeiros said...

175# x 4
4 rounds x 10 pu x 10 push ups r/g band/RX on KB

Heidi Lacava said...

A. 75#X6
B. 3rds+10+5. Purple band

Liz Ouellette said...

a) 65# x 9 or 10.. leaning towards 9 I think.

b) 3 rounds +10 pull ups.
Blue band for 20, blue & purple for 20. Slight improvement, since I tend to gravitate towards blue & purple always.
Blue KB

Liz Ouellette said...
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Chris Massi said...

135# x 7
4 rounds + 5 Rx
First Kipping pull up

Chris Massi said...
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Allan Fleck said...

A. 215 x 8
B. 6 + 5 so sweaty bar and kettle bell got sketchy!!
NIce job Chris on those pull ups that was awesome!!!

Kelly Cook said...

85x9 reps
4 rds plus 3 pull ups (red and purple)

sarah lee said...
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sarah lee said...

Great job Chris!

Also great job Brie on doing all those pull-ups! She walked In saying she could do 2 pull-ups and then RX the wod.

4 plus 2 RX. Used the 45 pound kb and plate push-ups.

Brianna Diminico said...

Thanks so much Sarah for the push!! Great WOD..great people :)

Michelle Hatch said...

85# x 1

4 rounds red bands

mason said...

3 rnds +2 c2b pullups, plate pushups, and 1.5 kbs
Nice job Chris and Bri!

Shannah Jaburek said...

4 rounds plus 4 using the blue band for pull-ups and the blue kettle bell

Terry obrien said...

105x 6 4 rnds + 16 ( pull ups rx 1.5 KB
Plate push ups

Zach said...

6 rnds Rx

Christopher Judkins said...

A) 185x9
B) 4+8 c2b/ deficit pu's/ 2 pood