Sunday, June 15, 2014

CrossFit Cape Cod Monday 6/16/14

Liz O. and Shannah, Swole Mates

CrossFit Cape Cod

Workout Of The Day

Front Squats
Max Reps At 80% Of Your 1 Rep Max

Followed By

3 Rounds For Time
10 Squat Cleans 135/95
20 Box Jumps 24/20


Erin McGee said...

A. 95# × 5
B. 9:44 (split 65/55)
Made it through 60 box jumps rx without a shin bite. It's a good day!

Erin Meagher said...

Yay Erin:)
Did hang cleans- 6:24? Step ups

Chris Massi said...

10:45 Rx

Kevin Medeiros said...

A: 185 x 9
B: 8:47 started at 115# x 1 and moved down to 95# x 2. Still fighting through discomfort in my elbow/arm. It's getting better, but cleans seem to aggravate it more than anything else. Knocked my shin on the second to last box jump and didn't realize how bad until I got home and had a blood drenched shin and sock. I did gross out my daughter so that's a win. Also got some extra work in at Quasnet Field Day through a few rounds of tug of war:-)

Andy Mathieson said...

A. 165# x9 squats were just not there today. Couldn't get my knee warmed up.
B. 11:14 Rx

Heidi Lacava said...

A. 105#X10
B. 8:49 @ 65#

Allan Fleck said...

A. 230#x 11
B.6:47 rx Box jumps were brutal!

sarah lee said...

8:49? 65 pounds.

Kelly Cook said...

A. 130# x 6
B. 12:58 Rx--brutal!

Erin McGee said...

You are so strong Kelly!

mason said...

120x8 front squat
10:57 rx

Renee Heffelfinger said...
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Frank Heffelfinger said...

It was great dropping in on the 6am crew this morning before heading back to PA. Thanks for letting me hang with you all and I will be back on my next trip to the Cape.

Got up to 165# x 5 on the Front Squats

9:05 @ 95# and 24" box

Mark Lee said...

Thanks for dropping in Frank!

Andy Mathieson said...

Nice time Allan!!

Shannah Jaburek said...

A.) 8 × 80
B.) 9:30 with 55# and 20 in box

Jen Heinlein said...

95# x 8 for the front squats; 11:49 for the WOD with 45#. Just trying to hit all the reps!

Zach said...

A- 280# x9
B- 7:43
Subbed 15 DL's @ 235# for squat cleans

Christopher Judkins said...

A) 185x5
B) 8:43rx