Sunday, January 5, 2014

CrossFit Cape Cod 1/6/14

CrossFit Cape Cod
Workout Of The Day
On The Minute For 7 Minutes
2 Back Squats
5 Toes To Bar
Rest 2:00
On The Minute For 7 Minutes
2 Front Squats
5 Knees To Elbows
Rest 2:00
On The Minute For 7:00
3 Overhead Squats
10 Sit Ups
Go Heavy On All 3 Of The Squats
If You Can't Stay On The Minute Do As Many Rounds Possible In The 7:00


Jen Heinlein said...

So tired by the end of this one - good morning! 115#-85#-35# OH squats and sit ups were slow.

I made this meatloaf from PaleOMG the for dinner and it was delicious! The only problem was that I didn't make enough for leftovers.

I'm searching for a paleo chocolate fix - anyone have a favorite?

Jen Heinlein said...

How about the link:

mason said...

Hey Jen,
I have an easy paleo fudge recipe at home that I can post later.

sarah lee said...

My sister in law made up this recipe and its awesome.

1 jar of almond or sunflower butter
1 jar coconut oil
2 cups cocoa powder
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup maple syrup
1 TB vanilla
Roasted salted chopped pecans

Combine all ingredients in a pan until melted. I recommend making 1/2 the recipe and freezing them In cupcake tins to limit the amount you eat.

jonathan miles said...

used 185 on the back, 155 on the front, 115 overhead. Should have gone about 20 lbs more on all 3 lifts. Cleaned the front squats, and snatched the overheads.

Erin Meagher said...

That sounds great Sarah!
Up to 135, 105, and then did 95,75, then 85 for overhead squats - Couldn't decide :) I love having the showers at the gym! so great.

Paul S said...


At least I can now do OH squats with a 15# bar without re-injuring previously bad shoulders.

sarah lee said...

115, 95, 75#.

Jen Heinlein said...

Awesome, Sarah! I'll try that!

Michelle said...

I just have to thank Mason for getting me through the 60 burpees from yesterdays wod!Your the best! Working late today.

Terry obrien said...

145, 115, 35

Nettie said...

85# 65# 50# - I really need to work on these! 100% today

Sarah Sprague said...

95, 85, 50...loved this one!
100% today.

Sarah Sprague said...

Crazy strong!

jlockwood said...

95#, 70#, 30# and 100% today. Thanks everyone for the recipe ideas to help with the sugar cravings. I am doing better today. Great 4:30 class. Nettie it was nice working out across from you today. Bushy...we really only had to do 5 push-ups. I lied. Team Kristen rules!

Molly Sorbello said...

105,95,55... That one was fun, it made me surprisingly a good way.

So I had a glass of wine yesterday and considering some other posts I have no idea what % to say, but I can say 100% for today!

Faron said...

I did a baseline WOD today.
Back Squat 165, Bench 145 and DL 255 = 565#

Did good with the food today until supper and had Green Beans. At least they were fresh.

Zach said...

325# back
235# front
165# overhead

Tougher than I expected. 100% yesterday & today.

sarah lee said...

Faron green beans are a veggie not a legume. You are still 100%

100% for today.

Bushy said...

zach - holy shnikes.

jwash - i'm going to have to keep my eyes on you, in a good way (sorry for stealing your line, molly).

molly - everyone knows that a glass of wine is allowed in this challenge.

I had a salad today and a small piece of parmesan cheese snuck down my throat. 46% for me today. sorry Team Traci. just kidding - i pushed that cheese right onto the floor of the 99. 100% suckas!

Kelly Cook said...

155 back squat, 125 front squat, 75 overhead squat. This was definitely tougher than expected, but I got my first ever actual toes to bar today! I only actually touched the bar with my toes a few times each round, but it's progress. 100% for nutrition today.

Erin Gretzinger said...

95, 75, 50
Fun 430 class! Thanks Mas for the tips on kte:-)
100% today
I'd say 75% Saturday and Sunday. Darn wine.

Melissa Card said...

Paleo jambalaya tonight! 100% today.

jlockwood said...

That''a impressive. Awesome job.

Rachel Dean said...

100% today and every past day aside from Saturday (I had a glass of wine, what is that 10%?). Cant seem to blog from my phone so I'll just have to be sure to get to my laptop everyday.

100, 85, 65 today, felt like I def should have gone heavier but oh well.

I came across my journal from last years challenge today, its amazing to see how far I've come. Today I was easily doing front squats with last years 1 max rep PR weight! You never really realize how much progress you've made until you look back. Cant wait to see the results from this challenge. #TeamMason ;0)

mason said...

Great job by everyone tonight. HUUUUUGGGEEEE 5:30 class. Michelle, you are finished them like a trooper.
Stay with it Melissa, you will see amazing results.
Way to go Rachel!!
135, 120, 65. I can't remember the last time I OHS.
Go team Mason- please be sure to log into google to blog.

HaleyDawn said...

100% today! Made some delicious kale and chorizo soup for dinner!

Christopher Tufts said...

100% today and the last couple, maybe a little under a few days...

I did 145, 105 and 75. It was a really good one, I agree with Molly, surprisingly sweaty!

Shannah Jaburek said...

#65, #45, #35, probably could have done a little heavier on the back squats. For the challenge, 100% everyday, except for Saturday which was probably about a 50% (belated family Christmas dinner). Go team Mason!!!

Shannah Jaburek said...
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Erin Meagher said...

Great job everyone! 100% today.

Kristen Menard said...

Had so much fun at the 530 WOD.. Well aside from Jenn's injury - thanks Mason!! I actually got my toes to the bar each time today, which is definitely a first. 90, 65, 50# and 100% today.

KristinP said...

I'm so impressed with all of you guys!!! Nice work. I'm gonna give myself 98% cuz the salad the pharmaceutical reps brought in had blue cheese in it. To my co-workers dismay I actually attempted to scrape it off of the lettuce...but I'm sure I ingested some, oops :)

Allan Fleck said...

285#,185#, 95# should of gone heavier on front and o.h. A lot of energy at 5:30. Zach I think I got another hernia watching u!!
100% for the day I really forgot how much sugar is in everything!!!
Great job on the TTB Kelly .... Go team Traci !!!!!!

Christopher Judkins said...

185/155/95 snatched for the overheads

Nice job Kelly C. and Kristen for getting those Toes2Bar!

Mark Lee said...

Bushy your posts are such an emotional rollercoaster. I almost spilled my wine caragennan spritzer!


I think I'm detoxing or that WOD gave me swine flu.


Remember the cravings will subside everybody, stay hydrated, mix protein fat and carbs for your main meals, and eat enough through the day. If you feel full but haven't eaten much after 3-5 hours, eat anyways. If you don't you will be ravenous the following day. And definitely don't starve yourself, you may be eating a little more early on in the challenge but it will balance out.

Mark Lee said...

P.S. Go CrossFit Cape Cod!!!

Erin Meagher said...

trader joes unsweetened vanilla almond milk- carageenan FREE! Hallelujah.

JoJo Mikolazyk said...

85, 45, 25 def no p.r.'s but I did get to fall back on my butt with an overhead squat so that's always fun ;) and always a pleasure to partner up with Caitlin! Really awesome energy pumped up by Masons dancing of course.

tracibushy said...

135 back, 105 front and 95 overhead fun!!

100% today!

today was WAY easier than the past couple days! thanks for the fudge recipe Sarah!

Michelle Hatch said...

My body is twitching from sugar withdrawal! I love my dark chocolate covered almonds but Kelly C have me a paleo fudge recipe so that ought to get me thru the cravings. Mark, if the cravings don't subside like You say, I'm going to be so upset I may just eat a hot fudge kit kat lasanga to calm myself down. WOOTWOOT!

Michelle Hatch said...

My body is twitching from sugar withdrawal! I love my dark chocolate covered almonds but Kelly C have me a paleo fudge recipe so that ought to get me thru the cravings. Mark, if the cravings don't subside like You say, I'm going to be so upset I may just eat a hot fudge kit kat lasanga to calm myself down. WOOTWOOT!

Amy Squeglia said...

Hold onto your's me...Amy...I'm posting...can you believe it? I'm only doing it for you Mark! I to was detoxing during this WOD and me sweat actually hurt. I think I'm 97% today because there was corn syrup in my sausage...darn sausage, and peanut oil on my almonds. I blame my husband for that, he bought them and I think he's trying to sabatoge me! I couldn't remember what my back squat was so Mark and I agreed on 120#, front squat #105, overhead 75#.

Mark Lee said...

I love that you commented Amy:)