Sunday, January 17, 2010



1 Round for time-complete in any order

1k row

500 Single Unders

50x10 meters

Don't forget to attend the Active Recovery class with Amy S. tonight at 6:30 all proceeds are going to a releif charity for victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Stop Ripping Your Hands


Jane said...


Sorry Drew and I forgot to sign up for this week. We will be there at 4:30 on mon, wed, fri and at 3:30 on tuesday if that's ok. That will be our regular schedule unless something comes up in which case we'll let you know.

Nicole said...

Mark-Great video! I'll be sure to have some "grated cheese" for you to sprinkle on your food the next time you come for dinner:)

Amy-Looking forward to some active recovery Monday night!!!

Anonymous said...

Mark! Emergency!!! I got confused and used the tweezer man backwards on my utters.

Chaffed in Malaysia

Mark Lee said...

Thanks Jane!

Nicole-sounds delightful!

Chaffed in Malaysia:
Don't worry Bryce I've done that dozens of times! We miss you and Shanna and hope you are having a great time!

sarah lee said...

Hey Bryce and Shanna! Miss you guys! Hope you are having a great time.