Thursday, April 23, 2009

TGIF-TFTB! What do you think this might mean? Tell us in the comments. Hopefully I remember.

This weekend we are pleased to have the running clinic with Tim and Nicole-certified POSE running instructors. If you think that you might at some time run or know someone that will run-ever-like in workouts as well. COME TO THE CLINIC! Myself Sarah,Chad and Jessie already went trough it and it was awesome-this is not to be missed! The times are Saturday at 2 and Sunday at 3. See you there!

Saturday is supposed to be really nice out so I am bringing my grill to the box. We will probably play a little kickball or wiffleball in addition to a short WOD and put some meat on the grill. Bring some thing if you like. If I see soda I'm going to chuck it into the soccer field.



Back Squat 3x3

Knees To Elbows

ELB-Everyone Loves Burpees


Nicole said...

Thanks God It's Friday-Time For TABATA Burpees!

Mark Lee said...

Good job Nicole! First try! We also would have accepted The Guy Is Friggin Tyrranical Flush The Bozo.

Jane said...

Burpee Muscleups, that's insane! Mark, don't get any ideas, I know the way that evil mind of yours works! Wait a minute, we're doing them next week, aren't we? Or is it like when you tell someone one you totaled their car, then when they freak out, say actually I only dented it. You're showing us muscle up burpees so that when we have to do tabata burpees it doesn't seem that bad.

Jane said...

Wow, you truly are evil Mark!

Mark Lee said...

Burpee Pull ups and thrusters sound fun....Muahhahahahah

sarah lee said...

Jane. You are not allowed to leave comments anymore. You are giving him to many ideas!